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Follow these steps to view past semester assignment grades in uLearn. You can view final grades for past semesters in the Faculty Course Control section of My Union.

To See Assignment Grade Only (File Not Included)

  1. Go to the course shell in uLearn.

  2. Click on the Grades tab and change the dropdown to Grade History.

  3. Set optional filter and click the Submit button. For example, you could choose an individual assignment in the “Grade Item” field.


To See Assignment Grade and File Submitted

Follow these additional steps if you need to see files submitted by students.

  1. Go to the course shell in uLearn.


  1. Click on the Participants


  1. tab.

  2. You should see that the students are in a Suspended state with no Roles assigned.

  3. Click the pencil icon and add a Student role.

  4. Click the disk icon to save.

  5. At this point you should be able to view the student’s grades.