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Follow these instructions to set up and take attendance in uLearn (Moodle).

There is a also a how-to video located here: How to Take Attendance in uLearn

Setting up Attendance

  1. Open your course in uLearn and click the “Turn editing on” button

  2. Click the plus sign to “Add an activity or resource” and choose Attendance. Generally, it is best to put the Attendance module at the top of the course in the same section as your syllabus. Please note that you only need to add one Attendance module for the course (not one for each week or class).


Please note that if attendance is not counted toward students’ grades then you can set Type to “None”.

Make sure to set your Maximum Grade value correctly since it cannot be changed once you begin taking attendance.

Taking Attendance

Follow these steps to take attendance for your course.


When you are finished, click the “Save attendance” button


Grade Calculation

The Attendance module calculates grades based on a scale rather than students starting at zero and earning attendance points for each course they attend. This can be counterintuitive if you are used to zero-based natural grading. Take the following example:


You may also find it appropriate to adjust your midterm grades to the total attendance points earned to-date. If so, you would need to make this calculation manually before entering the midterm grade into My Union. Note that this is not an issue for final grades since all the classes will have taken place when final grades are submitted.

Attendance Statuses

The following Attendance Statuses are set up by default.

Default Values


Please note that you should think of the point values on a scale rather than actual points. For example, the default values would be: