Printing From Non-Union MacOS or Windows Devices

This article will explain how to connect MacOS or Windows Devices - ones that are not controlled or owned by Union College - to the FindMePrint printer queue.

Prerequisite: Your device needs to be connected to the Union College wireless network. Printing to Union College printers is not available from outside the college network.

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Article: Tablet or Mobile Device Network Registration 

Setting up FindMePrint on Desktops and Laptops: 

Windows 10 & 11:

  • In the search box (Cortana) beside the Start Menu, type Run and hit Enter. In the Run window, enter:"\\print1\findmeprint" (do not include the quotation marks).

  • A dialog will come up that asks for a username and password. Enter your full union email address in the username field, and your union password in the password field.

  • Another dialog should pop up giving you the status of the printer install, indicating that drivers are being installed. Once this is complete, you can print to the printer like any other printer connected to your computer. You might get prompted for username and password again after shutdowns and reboots.


Device requirements:

Mobility Print requires MacOS Yosemite (MacOS 10.10 or later).



  • Navigate to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.

  • Click the + icon under the Printers List to Add a new printer.

  • The Add dialog is displayed. It displays a list of all of the discovered printers on the network.

  • Select the FindMePrint printer. The Name, Location, and Use is displayed.

  • Check that Use is set to Secure AirPrint.

  • Click on Add, enter your Union email and password if prompted

  • If Secure AirPrint isn't displayed, disconnect from the network, then reconnect to it.

  • Print your document. When prompted, enter your Union email and password.


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