Student Excused Absence Notification

This is a system whereby a Union employee that oversees an activity can list students in Jenzabar as activity participants for a given session (semester). Then an employee (the same one or different) can go to MyUnion and enter specific event dates when participants will be absent from class. The system then looks up all classes the student is part of during the event time and emails the professors.

Sometimes, the person who enters the rosters in Jenzabar and the events in MyUnion will be the same (Theatre, Spiritual Life). Other activities are different, such as Athletics, which is one of the largest users of the system. Each semester, the Administrative Assistant for Athletics adds every team member as participants in their respective sports (in Jenzabar). Because each coach is connected to their sport (by Information Technology), they can then go to MyUnion and add events.




Jenzabar: Adding Students to Activities

For an employee to be able to add students to an activity roster, they will have to be given permission to do so in Jenzabar by IT (see contact info at bottom of page). After this happens, you will have a link for Activities for Student on your Jenzabar > Home tab. Also, IT will need to have added the activity to the semester in question for it to appear in the Activity dropdown. Once it has been added, it should then roll over from semester to semester (but the students will need to be re-added to their activities every semester).

Here’s a screenshot of the Activities for Student window in Jenzabar, with arrows pointing to the things that need to be entered correctly and/or checked. You must first search a student’s name or enter their ID number using the text box beside Student. To add a row, right click in the gray space below the lowest activity line. After everything is entered and checked, hit Ctrl + S to save.



MyUnion: Adding Events for an Activity

Union employees who are authorized to add activity events can go to MyUnion, log in, and use the orange buttons to go to Employee, then Student Excused Absence Notification. Here’s what the form should look like:

If you do not have any of the above options on this page in MyUnion, please contact IT to inquire about being set up.




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