PC Network Registration Failed

If your PC has failed the Network Access Policy, it likely does not have an approved up-to-date antivirus. If your PC is running the Windows 7 operating system, we recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials. Windows 8 and higher comes with Windows Defender included. Below are some suggestions on how to meet network access policy requirements.

If you have tried all of this, and it still doesn't work, contact us (info at bottom) for further assistance.

Update your antivirus

 If you are using any of these products (Norton Endpoint Protection, Norton Internet Security, McAfee, Webroot, AVG, Avast, Microsoft Security Essential, and Trend Micro)

Right click the application in the system tray and click run update.

Expired Antivirus Subscription

If you bought a new PC, most likely it came installed with a trial version of Norton or McAfee.  If your trial version is expired please uninstall it and try a free approved antivirus (Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7, Windows Defender included with Windows 8 and higher).

Multiple version of Antivirus Software

Make sure that you do not have multiple version of antivirus software (i.e. Norton 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials). Please uninstall one of the antivirus software and rerun the Bradford agent.


Need more help?

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