Computer Network Registration

In order access the Union College network, your computer is required to have an approved up-to-date antivirus. If your PC is running the Windows 7 operating system, we recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials. Windows 8 and higher comes with Windows Defender included. Below are some suggestions on how to meet network access policy requirements.

Network Registration:

1. Connect to the wireless network: unionky

2. Open a browser and follow this link http://uc-nac/registration/ (This works best in Chrome)

(You may get an error saying this site is not secure or you connection is not private,
you will need to scroll down and select "Advanced" or "Details" and then proceed anyway to the site to visit it) 

3. Under Clients follow the link (Clients who have a permanent Union College account)

3. Logon using your Union College account.

4. Run the Bradford Dissolvable agent

5. Some browsers may show this popup

6. Click actions and select "Run Anyway" on the SmartScreen Filter

7. The Bradford agent will now scan your computer and check for an approved up-to-date antivirus.

8. After your PC has met all the requirements you will redirected to this page.

9. Please wait for 30 seconds to be switch to the production network and you will redirected to

Help! My network registration failed!


Need more help?

  • 24/7 Phone: 606.546.1650
  • Email:
  • Walk-Ins: Black Technology Center Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm