How to Enter Textbooks and Course Fees

The following instructions detail how to enter textbooks on My Union. It also covers how to add course fees which are added the same as textbooks.


Accessing Faculty Course Control

  1. Log in to My Union.

  2. Click the Instructor button on the homepage.                                

  3. Next, click the Faculty Course Control button.

  4. Search for your course list for a given term and, if necessary, division, by selecting from the corresponding drop-down menus and then clicking Search.

  5. Select "Textbooks" from the drop-down menu.

Assigning an Existing Textbook

When assigning textbooks, it is best policy to always search for an existing entry first to see if the textbook you want to assign to the course is already available in the database instead entering a new one. The same goes for all other entries, including entries for course fees, no textbook required, etc.

1. From the textbook entry page, click Search Existing Textbooks to Assign to Course.

In this example, we will search for an existing accounting textbook to assign to a course.

2.  Enter search terms in the available fields.When searching, try starting with a few words from the title. Very specific searches may yield no results. Click Search.

3. Click the checkbox next to the resulting entry you would like to assign to the course, then click the Assign Selected Textbook(s) button at the bottom of the page.

Assigning Existing Course Fee Entries and No Textbook Required Entries

Course Fees and No Textbook Required are assigned in the same way as textbooks in My Union.

1. First, you should look for an existing entry. Search for No Textbook and Course Fee entries in the same way you would search for a textbook, by entering No Textbook or Course Fee in the title field of the textbook search function.

2. To assign an entry to the course, click the checkbox next to it in the search results and then click the Assign Selected Textbook(s) button at the bottom of the page. Repeat the same steps for entering Course Fees.


If assigning No Textbook Required be sure to search for the entry with No Author, No Publisher, and 0s for both ISBNs, as pictured below.  This is the standard No Textbook entry that will always be available. Please do not create another entry for No Textbook Required.

 For course fee entries, use the following format:

  • Title – Course Fee

  • Author – N/A

  • Cost – The amount of the fee

  • Description – What the fee covers

For any course that requires a fee, you must notify your department head.

3. Once you assign the selected entry, you will be redirected to the Faculty Course Control – Textbook Entry page where you will see that it has been assigned to the course.

Entering and Assigning a New Textbook or Course Fee

If you cannot find an existing entry for the item you need to assign to your course, you can enter a new one. 

1. To do this, select Add New Textbook to Assign to Course from the Faculty Course Control – Textbook Entry page.  When entering a new textbook or creating a new entry, enter as much information as possible, as pictured below.

2. Click save when you are finished to add the textbook to the course.

3. Once you save the new entry, you will be redirected to the Faculty Course Control – Textbook Entry page where you will see that the new entry has been assigned to the course

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