How to Record a Video and Post it to uLearn

Follow these instructions to record a video in Teams, save to OneDrive, and post the link to uLearn.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.

  2. Click the Calendar link on the left side.

  3. Click the Meet Now button on the upper right.

  4. Join the meeting. Note that you will be the only participant of the meeting.

  5. Once you are ready to record, click the ellipsis (…) and select Record Meeting. Please note that you can record just a video of yourself or do a screen share (white up arrow at the top).

  6. Click Stop Recording when finished.

  7. It will take a few minutes to process but the video will be saved to your OneDrive Recordings folder.

  8. Open OneDrive and go to the Recordings folder to find the video file.

  9. Highlight the file and click Share.

  10. Choose who you want to be able to view the video. For example, you can choose specific individuals or anyone with a Union account.

  11. Click the copy link icon. This will copy the hyperlink to your clipboard.

  12. Finally, go to your uLearn course and paste the link into either a Page or URL activity. Now students will be able to see the link and click on it.