How to add print money

NOTE: Faculty and Staff - YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD FUNDS TO YOUR WORK ACCOUNT.  Contact us at or 546-1650 if you have print issues that you suspect are funds-related.

*Students are allocated $15 for printing at the start of every semester.

If you are on a Union computer that has the PaperCut client software installed, it will probably be either hanging around on the desktop (pictured below) or minimized to the taskbar. In the client software, click Details.

Alternatively, if you are on a personal computer or device, you can go to the same link that clicking on Details takes you to (you must be connected to the college network).

Once you sign in with your Union credentials, you have two ways of adding money.

  1. You can add redeem a card that you have bought in the library or campus store.

  1. You can add credit via a card transaction.