Electronic Signatures

The following video tutorial and instructions cover how to add an electronic signature and other text to a PDF. This method can be used for all college forms as an alternative to filling and signing by hand.

Click here to access the Video Tutorial


  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader should be the default PDF viewer on all college computers. It is also free to download from Adobe.
  2. Go to the Tools menu at the top of the window and choose "Fill and Sign".
  3. Add text anywhere on the PDF by clicking with the cursor and typing.
  4. Add your signature by clicking the Sign option at the top. Click "Add Signature" to add an image of your signature which you will need to have in a JPG format.
  5. Click to place your signature on the form.
  6. Email the form to the appropriate party. Sending from your email also provides further assurance of the identity of the signer. A copy of the college's electronic signature policy is located here: Electronic Signature Policy


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