Safe Exam Browser for Instructors

This article will cover how to use the Safe Exam Browser for the new version of uLearn.


This video will walkthrough how to setup Safe Exam Browser.


Download Safe Exam Browser.

To begin you will need to download the Safe Exam Browser at: you will need to choose the newest version for your operating system.


Creating The Config File.

This step sounds more complicated than it is. To being you will need to locate the Safe Exam Browser Config Tool. This file should be located at: C:\Program Files\SafeExamBrowser\Configuration you can get there by opening the file explorer and going into your C drive.

Open the Program Files folder and navigate to SafeExamBrowser folder.

From inside of the SafeExamBrowser folder you need to open the Configuration folder.

Inside of the Configuration folder you need to open the SEBConfigTool

Setting Up the Config File

From inside of the SEBConfig Tool you need to begin with putting in the URL of the exam.

To get the URL of your exam navigate to your Exam in uLearn and open it.

Next you will need to navigate to the Config tab at the top.

From here you only need to select starting an exam and choose an identity to be used for encrypting the SEB setting file….

You can choose any of the options in the choose an identity to be used for encrypting the SEB setting file…. option this is for encrypting the file.

Next you will need go to file and save the settings file. You will need to choose a location that you can get to. Click File → Save Settings As → choose your location.

Putting the Config File in uLearn.

Next you will need change your exam to only accept Safe Exam Browser and upload the Config File.

Navigate to your course in uLearn and edit settings on the exam.

Scroll down until you see the option Safe Exam Browser.


Open this option and choose Yes - User SEB client settings.


Save and return to your course. Now you will need to upload the settings file we just saved to your course. Click add an activity and choose File

You will need to add a name, description, and drag and drop the settings file into the upload section.

Once you upload the config file and save you are finished! All students will need to do from here to take the exam is to click File you just added to your course and it will automatically download. Once students open the download it will prompt them to login and begin the test.

Students will need to go to the SEB Download page and choose the correct download for their operating system!