How To Log Into uLearn For Public Use.

Log into uLearn.

  • To log into the external use uLearn you will first need to navigate to

    From here you will be presented with the frontpage of uLearn, you will need to click “Log In” in the top right corner.

From this page you will have two options. If this is your first time Logging in you will need to register for an account. If you already have an account continue to the next step.

  • This button will take you to the registration page. On the registration page you will need to fill out every item with a red circle, indicating it is required.

  • Once you have filled out the information you will need to click “Create My New Account” and you will receive an email containing your log in information.

Already Have An Account.


  • Once you have an account you will need to navigate back to the Log In page.

  • On the log in page you will need to enter your username/email (Either will work) and password. Click the login button and you will inside of the portal.

    From here you can proceed to your courses and good luck!