Jenzabar: Adding an Internship Relationship

This article is about adding information about internships as a relationship to be saved in the database and reported on later.

To record an internship relationship, use the Relationship tab in the Maintain Candidacy window.

In the Relationship field, choose INT Internship. In the ID Number field, enter the ID number of the organization the student has the internship with (the Name field will populate after you put in the ID number and hit Tab). Of course, this necessitates that the organization already exists in the system. It’s import that the organization has an address, as location is one of the reasons for keeping these records. If you need to create the entity in Jenzabar from scratch or just have to enter the address data, please fill in the addresses' country code also, even if it is the United States.

The begin and end date aren’t terribly important right now, but could come into play later. It would be a good idea fill these in.

In the Note field, the left-most data should always be the year and term in which the student has the internship (and the corresponding internship class). Please enter it in the format shown above, with no spaces or other characters. In the screenshot above, 202010 is for the academic year 2020, and the Fall semester (10). Four digit year, two digit term, no spaces, no other characters. After entering the year/term information, a short note can be added.