How to move/export uLearn courses from one semester to another

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You will have to backup\export your completed class before you begin.  After you back up the class and save it to your computer, you can import the class to the new semester.

Backup/Export Process:

In the course you want to export, select "Backup" on the "Course Administration" section (bottom-left)On the "Initial Settings" page.

Select the checkboxes corresponding to the course content you wish to backup [in most cases you do not need to change anything on this page].

When finished, click the "Next" button on the bottom of the page.

On the "Schema Settings" page, select the course activities that you want to backup (note that the content within them - such as forum posts, user uploaded files, etc - will not be kept).

Then click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

Change the filename as appropriate (it should end with .mbz or .zip), then select "Perform Backup" at the bottom of the page.

Click "Continue", you will be taken back to the first page. Find the name of the backup file that you just created and click the "Download" link to download the file.

This is the file that you will need to use in the importing process.


Note: if the number of topics (or weeks) in the old and new courses match, Moodle will automatically place all assignments in their proper week or topic!

In the course you want to import the data into (this will usually be next-semester's course): select "Restore" on the "Course Administration" section (bottom-left)

On the "Import a backup file" page, select "Files: Choose a file…".

Select the option "Upload a file" on the left-side, select "Attachment: Choose File".

Browse to your course backup file (in either .mbz or .zip format) and select it.

Click "Upload this file".

Now click "Restore" (directly underneath the "Files: Choose a file…" and the field with the name of your file)

On the next page, "Confirm", at the bottom of the page, click "Continue".

In the section titled "Restore into this course", select the option "Merge the backup course into this course". Then click the "Continue" button.

At the bottom of the "Settings" page, click "Next".

At the bottom of the "Schema" page, after verifying that everything looks correct, click "Next".

At the bottom of the "Review" page, click "Perform Restore".

This completes the restoration process, click "Continue" to return to your course.

If there are any other changes that need to be made, you can do this in the course itself.

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