How to access Creative Cloud using On-Campus computers

Creative Cloud computers are located on-campus in the Library (downstairs), Norton lab, and the Sharp Career Center Lab. They can be identified by a Creative Cloud sticker on the computer monitor

  1. Use your school credentials to log into the computer.

  2. click the Adobe Creative Cloud Icon on the desktop.


  3. Enter your Union College email address.

  4. IF you have not created an adobe ID previously please create one using your Union College email address at this time by clicking Create an account.


  5. Click continue after entering your email address. (Note that Creative Cloud is a large program and may take some time to load)

  6. Read the pop up from creative cloud and press OK.


  7. Click the start menu in the bottom left corner.


  8. Click the icon of the app that you would like to use.


  9. Begin using the Program.