uLearn FAQ's

Here is a list of Frequently asked questions about uLearn

I just signed up for a course on uLearn how long before I am able to view the course?

It takes approximately 4 hours after you sign for a course to be enrolled onto uLearn

What browsers work best with uLearn?

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

How do I access uLearn?

uLearn can be accessed from the Union College homepage (www.unionky.edu), or directly at https://uLearn.unionky.edu.

When are courses made available to Students?

uLearn Courses are available 1 Business day prior to the start of the Class.

Why do I keep getting timed out in uLearn?

uLearn has a timeout time set at 3 hours, meaning if you are logged in and do not refresh a page or change to another page you will be timed out and logged out after 3 hours.

if you are a student taking a test and the system times out, it will warn you when you try to take any action (such as answering a question or submitting the test attempt) and give you the option to log back in and continue with the attempt. This is true even if the test is set to one attempt only (it doesn't give you a second attempt, but lets you continue with your original attempt). This assumes that you don't violate a test time limit if there is one, or pass a date/time where the test is set to close.

I can't view my grades on uLearn anymore and the activity has disappeared where can I find it?

Instructors have the option of hiding an activity in a course. However, when it is hidden in the course it also hides the grade in the gradebook. In order to be able to view it again you will need to contact your instructor to open it up again.

Need more help?

  • 24/7 Phone: 606.546.1650
  • Email: support@unionky.edu
  • Walk-Ins: Black Technology Center Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm