New uLearn for Instructors

uLearn will be upgraded to a new site in the summer of 2020. The following article contains information on how to access the site, new features, and restoring courses.

Accessing the Site

The new site, which is for Summer II and Fall, can be accessed at the following link. 

New Site

The old site, which is for Summer full term, Summer III, and past courses, can be accessed at the following link:

Old Site

New Theme

The most noticeable change is the site's new theme which is called Moodle Boost. It has a more modern look with extra screen real-estate in the middle column. It also scales well for mobile devices replacing the need for the Moodle app (although the app is still available).

New Features

There are several new features to be aware of.

Restoring Courses

Old course content will not be automatically transferred to the new site. You will need to backup and restore your course content from the old to the new site. The following video contains instructions on how to complete this process. Please note, that you do not need to do this if creating a course from scratch.

How to Restore Courses to the New uLearn (login required)

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