Self-Enrollment for ALPS Online Courses

First, go to in your web browser. Note that Google Chrome is the preferred (and supported) web browser for using our learning management system.

Click ‘Create New Account.'



Next, you’ll need to choose a username and fill in details about yourself: Email Address, Name, Etc. Once you have done so, click ‘Create My New Account.'

Once you click ‘Create My New Account,’ you’ll be instructed to confirm your account. You should receive an email at the address you provided, and it will have a link for you to click and confirm.



The link in the email should take you to the message pictured below. Click ‘Continue.'



You will be taken back to the main page. Enter the username and password you provided earlier, and click ‘Log In.'



You’ll be taken back to the main page again. Scroll all the way to the bottom and locate the ‘Search Courses’ textbox. Type ‘ALPS’ into the box and click ‘Go.'



You’ll see a listing of courses. Click the course that matches the session you need to be enrolled in.



Click the ‘Enroll Me’ button.


You’ll be brought to the main page for the course you are now enrolled in. To log out of the course, click the white dropdown arrow, and then click ‘Log Out.'