how to Re-open a uLearn course for students to finish after the class has ended

Extending a students time to finish a course:

To allow a student more time to finish a class if they are in suspended mode:

  1. Navigate to the uLearn website
  2. Login and navigate to the course you wish to make changes to
  3. Either select "Participants" from the class section area, or scroll to the bottom of the page in the Administration section on the left after you have selected the course and select "enrolled users"

  4. Select the user you wish to change the status and extend.
  5. On the with selected user "choose" menu select Edit selected user enrollments.
  6. In the alter status section, select active from the drop down menu
  7. Alter the start and end time as needed, and select Enable.
  9. Click "Save changes"
  10. User should have access during the times that were entered in the "Alter time" section.