COVID-19 Screening Survey

ATTENTION: Students coming on-campus are required to submit a negative COVID-19 test result to Student Life.

Additionally, students must complete a daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire using the Union app. Instructions are located below.

  1. Download the Union College KY app from the app store on your phone:

    1. App Store:

    2. Google Play:


  2. Log in using your Union College credentials.

  3. Enter your name information under the “Setup Your Profile” link.

  4. Click “Connect Your Calendar” to sync the app to the calendar on your phone.

  5. Click the Done button.

  6. Click the “On-Campus Pass” link on the front page of the app.


  7. Answer the survey questions and click the Submit button. Please note, you should NOT come on-campus if you answer “Yes” to any of the questions. Call 911 in case of emergency.


  8. You can go to the “On-Campus Pass” link again to display your badge showing you are clear to be on-campus.