Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a video streaming solution where you can upload video content and share it within the Union College organization. In some cases, you may want to publish a video organization-wide, but more often you will want to set permissions about who can view it. 

Content on Stream cannot be published outside the organization.



Uploading a Video

When you have a video ready, and get signed in to Stream, click here:

Next screen. Drag your video file into the middle and drop it.

It'll ask you to set a default language. This is what it uses to generate captions, or a transcription.

After you choose the language and hit Save, an uploading screen will come up. Uploading is usually quite fast, even for larger file (this assumes you have a decent internet speed).

Next, it will show a window like this letting you know it has uploaded and it now processing. If you click the video name, it will take you to a screen where it shows you more options (see next picture)

If your video hasn't processed yet, it will show you a progress percentage. If it has already processed, then you can click on the video (either the thumbnail or the video title) to watch it and get more options. Incidentally, Stream will send an email notification to let you know when the video has been processed.

Editing Video Details

Wherever you can find and view your video in Stream, you you can edit its details (click the three dots), but this article will provide direction from the main video watch page, which looks like this:

Toward the bottom of the page, click the three dots and choose Update video details.

Here’s what the Details window looks like. We’ll talk about the Permissions and Options in other sections of this article.


Here’s what the details window looks like with some time markers entered:

After you click Save and get back to the main watch screen, click here to see the markers and info you entered:





From the main watch window, click the three dots and choose Update video details, then click Permissions on the window that comes up

By default, any video you upload is set to be viewable by anyone in the organization. However, you may not want this.

Here are the Permissions options:

Let’s talk about Groups first. These can be generally understood as Teams you’re a part of. Not every group has a Team, but every Team is a group.

Channels are things that have been established only in Stream. They can generally be ignored, especially in the beginning.

People. You can share videos with with individual people.

No group, channel, or person can edit or give permission to your video to anyone else as long as you don’t make them an Owner.




From the main watch window, click the three dots and choose Update video details


When in the details window, these are some of the Options you can choose:




Stream allows you to trim the start and end points of your videos. It does not allow you to cut portions of the video from the middle.

From the main watch window, click the three dots and choose Trim video

Here’s the trim window:

You can drag start and end (left and right) points to where you want. If you want finer control, use the zoom slider on the right.




Share Your Video

When you first log into Stream, find your video by going here:

You can share it from the list of videos, but instead I’ll show the way of clicking into the the main watch video page. After you do that, and the video starts playing, scroll down a bit until you see the Share link toward the bottom right.


It brings up the below window. Click the Copy button to copy the link to your clipboard, which you can then paste into an email, a Teams post, a uLearn assignment, etc. The Email option gives you a bit of a shortcut to emailing the link. Embed gives you some HTML code, so if you were a web developer you could paste that code into a web page you were making.

Don’t forget, that if you uncheck the box in Permissions to make everyone in the organization able to view a video, then you also need to give permission to which whichever groups or individuals you want to be able to watch the video. Otherwise, you can share the link with them, but they won’t be able to watch.




Microsoft Help Materials

Microsoft has more in-depth help materials on their website. To access, click the help icon at the top right of any page in Stream. Or, you can take this link.





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